What is Life Coaching?

What Coaching Isn’t

Consulting – A consultant is an expert hired to advise and provide recommendations or to complete specific work or research. A coach helps to identify goals and challenges and works with a client to help them overcome their challenges and meet or exceed his/her goals faster than they would on their own. A coach helps clients to develop their skills rather than rely on theirs.

Therapy/Counseling – Therapy helps people deal with their past, to understand what happened to them or why they do what they do. Therapy helps heal old wounds. Coaching does not look at the past rather it propels people forward toward the life they want to create.

Mentoring/Training – A mentor is an advisor or teacher that has knowledge, experience or skills to share with a mentee. A coach does not advise or recommend rather they help a client draw out their own skills, strengths, abilities and capabilities through intense listening, questioning and challenging in a non-judgmental approach.

It is important to note that there are many coaches out there who offer a combination of these services. It is a good idea to distinguish what services they offer while also determining your own needs before hiring a coach.

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