What is Life Coaching?

Coaching Myths

Myth #1 – I can coach myself or talk to my best friend

  • Fact: It is very difficult to create the accountability you have with a coach in a friendship or with yourself. A friend will have their own personal agenda for you and you will likely let yourself get away with not accomplishing some of the things you set out to do.

Myth #2 – A coach can be like a nagging mother

  • Fact: A coach will only hold you accountable in the exact way in which you prescribe. For example, if you want them to follow-up with you on your goals once a month, then they will do just that…there is no judgment involved.

Myth #3 – I need to get myself organized or have my ducks in a row before I hire a coach.

  • Fact: That’s the perfect time to hire a coach…when you feel disorganized or a bit lost. A coach can help you get organized, figure out your priorities, and get focused on a direction that suits you faster and with better results than when working on these things on your own.

Myth #4 – Coaching is too expensive.

  • Fact: There are coaches in all ranges to fit any income. If the coach you have selected is out of your price range, ask for a referral to one that is a better financial fit. Just remember the value of hiring a coach that fits your style and needs as well as the level of experience that coach brings to the table.

Myth #5 – Coaching is just like training.

  • Fact: Training focuses on teaching; coaching focuses on bringing forth your own, personal wisdom.

Myth #6 – Coaching is too “out there” for me.

  • Fact: Coaches come in all styles and use a variety of approaches including very mainstream approaches. The key is finding a coach that suits you.

Myth #7 – Coaching needs to be face-to-face.

  • Fact: Everyone has their own, personal preference for communication. E-mail, texting, Skype, or phone…coaching is very effective over many different mediums as well as face-to-face. Each has pros and cons. It is simply a matter of choosing something that is conducive to your needs and/or lifestyle.

Myth #8 – Working with a coach takes too much of a time commitment.

  • Fact: You choose the time commitment that is best for you. A coach can also help with time management so that you can create the time necessary to focus on yourself.

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