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Video Testimonials

Carla Strayhorn – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Anne Frederick – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Jeff Loesch – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Mary Ellin Innes – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Rick Weil – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Joe Muccianti – Testimonial for LifeQuest Alliance

Written Testimonials

“Laura is a gem. I spent 15 years coaching football at the high school and college levels including a NJCAA coach of the year award in 1996. I consider myself to be a good coach. I have had and been associated with some excellent coaches. Laura Menze is at the top of the list as one of the great coaches in my life. Average coaches stop after explaining how to. Laura’s gift is going beyond the how. Challenging you to take that next step beyond contentment and into a new arena of opportunity. If you are considering a coach or looking to improve your quality of life, Laura is an excellent choice and one of the absolute best I have had the privilege of working with.”
~ Randy Cashmore, Owner, Cashmore Investments

“Through Laura’s individual and group coaching, I have come to better understand my values, my ability to assess actions that I need to take in my life and to know what I can’t control and deal with it better, as well as what I need to be doing in my career in order to feel fulfilled rather than ‘just surviving’. Laura has a natural ability to see an individual’s self-inflicted road blocks and knows how to gently ask the right questions to help people recognize and move past them. I look forward to more sessions with Laura on my road to a new career and personal fulfillment.”
~ Cindy Ludford, Brand Manager at Abbott Diagnostics

“Laura has a knack for helping you to see what is holding you back and then helping to define the next steps. She believes everyone has a right to the life they’ve imagined for themselves and she walks with you as you take those first scary steps.”

“Laura Menze as a Life Coach is very effective as she strives to engage each person where they are on their life’s journey. She thoughtfully works with each person by supporting their strengths and encouraging them to take some creative risks in order to reach their life goals. Laura is honest, trustworthy, and allows each person to feel safe in their environment as they continue to learn and grow.”
~ Jane Wickenkamp, Social Worker, Geriatric Care Management

“Laura is a deep and genuine human being. As a coach, Laura’s energy, clarity, and direct approach will inspire you to your grandest self expression.”
~ Jeanne Loehnis, Application Systems Manager, Lawrence University

“Laura is a wonderful coach who inspired me to really reach for what I want. I trust her to hold my broad agenda while helping me work through the details of the immediate challenges.”
~ Larry Wolf, Senior Consulting Architect, Kindred Healthcare

“Laura’s skills as a life coach are impressive. She is intuitive, direct and compassionate. Her coaching has been very helpful.”
~ Cathy Modde, Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center

“Laura is capable of anything she sets out to do. She has a wonderful work ethic (and) a positive attitude towards life. She is confident in everything she does (and) is not satisfied with just average, but strives to exceed expectations. I would recommend Laura highly as a personal life coach, as her skill sets, attitude and knowledge are perfectly aligned with being a successful life coach.”
~ Joe Muccianti, Graphic Designer, Rust-Oleum

Talk Radio

WJJG AM 1530 Elmhurst – Self Leadership & Self Care

Have you ever felt lost, especially in your job search? Wanting to know more about how to lead yourself through & beyond the roller coaster ride of the job search? Listen as Laura shares her insights with Joy & Falise on ‘Job Talk’ at WJJG AM 1530 in Elmhurst!

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      1. wjjg-1530-am-job-talk-edited-2011-july-71.mp3

WGN AM 720 Chicago – Importance of Self Leadership

LQA talks Self Leadership on WGN AM 720 as Laura is interviewed by Bill Moller of WGN AM 720 about the importance of Self Leadership throughout the job search and beyond!

Click the track link below to play the audio of Laura on WGN

      2. WGN-AM 720kHz Air Checks - c2010, WGN Continental Broadcasting

View the video!

Laura with Bill Moller @WGN AM 720