From Fear to Phenomenal

phenomenalWhat’s holding you back? …from success, from your ideal relationships, from the life you’ve imagined? Whether it’s a big fear or a little fear you’ll learn how to recognize what’s holding you back and, not only overcome your fears, but create phenomenal success in all areas of your life. So, conquer your fears and start living a phenomenal life!



Six Steps to Getting Unstuck Worksheet
Emotional Scale
Powerful Homework Questions

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2 thoughts on “From Fear to Phenomenal

  1. One of the most valuable things for me to hear was the fears that others are facing. I also realized that I am on the right track and not so alone in working through my own challenges. One thing that would make it better is to hear from men as well because they often have a different perspective. I will tell others that this webinar is wonderfully facilitated and is a great low-cost and convenient way to recharge and refocus!

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