Wine Tasting & Relationship Conversations for Singles

VinueCome and taste some amazing wines while asking questions and having real conversations about getting ready for, and creating amazing relationships!  Laura Menze, Life & Relationship Coach/Matchmaker with LifeQuest Alliance and Ready-Match, will be facilitating the discussion and answering questions while everyone gets to relax and enjoy some fabulous wines! Share your own insights and experiences or just sit, listen, and learn from other’s experiences and past mistakes.

Spend as little or as much as you’d like on the wine and food at Vinue in Cherry Creek.  There is no cost for the relationship discussion however, there is limited seating so, please make sure to reserve your seat ASAP as this event will fill-up fast!

Note:  Registration is required as there is limited seating available.

Just choose the date to the left that you want to register for and register for that date!

7 thoughts on “Wine Tasting & Relationship Conversations for Singles

  1. This was a great event! The open and authentic conversation was so refreshing. Looking forward to more events like this.

  2. Hi Laura,

    I had a great time last Saturday. Most beneficial was listening to other people’s viewpoints about dating and relationships.

    I don’t really know how to make this event any better. It was really good as it was. A different location, maybe, although I don’t know how to advise you on this one.

    I would recommend this event to anyone I know that is interested in dating.

    Paul Burrell

  3. Had a great time interacting with you and everyone else at the event. Will be there again next weekend.

  4. What a nice evening. Good conversation. I appreciated everyone’s being so opened and honest.

  5. It was nice to hear about what is and what isn’t working for other people.

    I think the event would be better if more people joined in the discussion. There might be a way to make people feel more comfortable.

    I would tell people that this is a great way to get the ins and outs of dating.

  6. Hi Laura. Thank you so much for hosting such an event. A great event at that. For me, it was very successful. It was successful for two reasons: One, I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic topics and the conversation that ensued for each one. You did a great job moderating and keeping anyone from crossing over the line between intense and bitching fest 2015. The second is that I connected with two of the females that were present and plan on contacting them for further conversation and to see what happens next. You were right, magic does happen there and I totally didn’t expect that. I was happily surprised.

    What was most valuable to you?
    Like I said during the event: the most valuable piece that I took was the female perspective (and I felt it was honest as well). It’s the one thing, as a man, I cannot experience.

    What would make it better?
    I don’t know if this would make it better, but perhaps more interesting, is having more people attend. It was not an issues for me, for some maybe. I saw a discontent of some with the “pool” of people they were maybe expecting to be there. However, on the flip side, does more people mean more of an uncontrolled environment? Meaning would it get out of control and turn into a bitching session with that many opinions.

    What would you tell others about this event?
    The one thing I’d tell others is that you will get out of this event what you put into this event. As with most cases in life, if you just sit there and do not participate, it’s not going to be fun or exciting. To gain, sometimes you have to give. Words I live by.

    Aaron Saraceno

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