Relationship Readiness Boot Camp™

Relationship Readiness Boot CampLet’s face it! They didn’t teach us how to date and/or build solid relationships in school. What we learned, we learned from watching our parents….many of them dysfunctional in their own relationships…and mimicked what we learned from TV and the movies for our own lives. I don’t know about you, but I stumbled, chose the wrong people, and repeated my patterns many times. I also thought some of the drama on TV was part of what we accept when we are in a relationship.
Let’s get conscious! Let’s kick some butt and get ourselves ready for ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced Training’ so that we can get on Active Duty’ out there in the dating world and master that man/woman dynamic, ultimately creating an amazingly beautiful relationship that your friends and family will envy! YES! You and your commanding presence will get you noticed in more ways than one!

Who is Relationship Readiness Boot Camp™ for?

Relationship Readiness Boot Camp is for anyone who is single and…

– Frustrated with the dating scene
– Starting over and not sure how to navigate the dating world
– At the start of a new relationship and committed to get it right
– Ready to have your mate drawn to your sexy self-confidence!
– Ready to be the chooser instead of the chosen

When Is Relationship Readiness Boot Camp?

Session 1 – ‘Orientation for the Recruit’s
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Session 2 – ‘Basic Training’
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10th – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Session 3 – ‘Advanced Training for Choosers’
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24th – 9:00 – 5:00 pm

Session 4 – ‘Active Duty’
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7th – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where does Relationship Readiness Boot Camp take place?

80 Garden Center
Suite A-340
Broomfield, CO 80020

How does Relationship Readiness Boot Camp Work?

The day will be spent training you in the best practices of Lovework. You will be mixing it up with others similarly eager to learn and apply the secrets of successful Lovework in a combination of interactive presentations, group discussion, quiet time to complete some exercises, and group coaching! This a safe place. There is no judgment here, only appreciation for contribution. Everyone’s experience of success and failure in love offers learning opportunities. Our expert coaching will guide you in the development of impactful, life-long relationship skills. Be ready to be delighted by the alluring person you become. Who knows, perhaps you and your soul mate will cross paths at Relationship Readiness Boot Camp!

What does each module include?

Each Module includes lunch, materials, and a 1-hour, private coaching session to be scheduled on a different date/time.
(NOTE: Personal coaching session is only provided to those who sign-up early…by SEPTEMBER 21st!)

What does each module cover?

Part 1 – Relationship Readiness Boot Camp
Orientation for the Recruits!

    1. Relationship Readiness Assessment & Client Self – Assessment
    2. Limiting Beliefs
    3. Mind Map/Collage
    4. What I Want to Be/Do/Have
    5. My Perfect Day
    6. My Values
    7. My Life Purpose & Vision Statement
    8. Wrap-up

Part 2 – Relationship Readiness Boot Camp
Basic Training!

    1. My Relationship History & Patterns
    2. Personality Trait Profile
    3. Requirements
    4. Needs
    5. Wants
    6. My Core Relationship Competencies
    7. My Core Competency Action Plan
    8. Wrap-up

Part 3 – Relationship Readiness Boot Camp
Advanced Training for Choosers!

    1. Supporting My Relationship Requirements
    2. Finalizing My Relationship Criteria
    3. Self-Profile
    4. Partner Profile
    5. Goals for Living My Vision
    6. My Conscious Dating Plan
    7. Finalizing My Readiness Status
    8. Scouting, Sorting, Screening, Testing
    9. Singles FAQ’s
    10. The 14 Dating Traps
    11. Dating Red Flags Checklist
    12. Conscious Dating Checklist for Single Parents
    13. Wrap-up

Part 4 – Relationship Readiness Boot Camp
Active Duty!

    1. Types of Dating
    2. Building Your Support Community
    3. My Attraction Venues
    4. My Personal Profile/Ad
    5. Relationship Skills & Attitude
    6. Improving Social and Dating Skills
    7. My Attraction Plan
    8. My Practice Plan
    9. The Rule of 3 for Conscious Dating
    10. Flirting 101
    11. Power Introductions
    12. 5 Questions to Ask on a Date
    13. Wrap-up

Wrapping it UP!!

What did life look like when you started this program? What did you learn? What did you accomplish? What does life look like now? What needs to be celebrated? Where do you go from here? This is an opportunity to take the Relationship Readiness Assessment again and see how far you’ve com. It’s also an opportunity to bring some closure to this part of your journey and explore some options on where you go from here.

How many people can sign up?

Seating is limited! We intentionally keep things intimate so everyone can share and be heard. And you never know who you might meet. Hurry up and reserve your seat now!

What does each module cost?

Normally, each module costs $399 however, if you sign-up for before MONDAY, AUGUST 31st, your cost is only $224.75 per module!
that if you only sign-up for module one and would like to continue with the other 3 modules, your cost will be an additional $897 for the remaining 3 modules.)



Special Never-Before-Offered Extra Early Bird Promotion!

Register for the 4-module package by August 31st to receive $100 off!  YOUR TUITION IS ONLY $899 for all 4 modules!  This includes 1 personal coaching session with Laura!  (A value of $199!)  Full payment must be received by AUGUST 31st!

Boot Camp Modules 1



Early Bird Special!

That includes 1 personal coaching session with Laura!
(A value of $199!) Full payment must be received by SEPTEMBER 21st.

(After June 10th= $399 and does not include a personal coaching session.)
Full payment must be received by SEPTEMBER 21st.

Boot Camp Modules 1


What if I want to sign up for all four modules?
Is there a special discount?

YES! Sign-up and pay for all 4 modules upfront = $999
Full payment must be received by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st.
After SEPTEMBER 21st, the cost will be $1596

Boot Camp Modules 1-4