Personal/Individual Coaching

Ready to commit to action and change your life? This is not a package. This is life-changing, one-on-one coaching that will propel you forward into the life you’ve imagined and, if you can’t yet imagine what you want for your life, we’ll get you there! If you are ready to do the work, ready to change self-defeating habits, and ready to step into your greatness with incredible support, motivation and accountability, then there is no need to procrastinate for one more second. Life is too short! Time is a resource you cannot replenish. Your new, stellar life is waiting…

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The Self Innovation Program

Are you….

…Feeling lost, stuck or disconnected?

…Yearning for your next step but haven’t a clue?

…Finding yourself in transition (career, divorce, retirement) but don’t know which way is up?

…Craving big change in your life but don’t know what you want?

It happened to me. Like many people, I followed the prescription we’ve all been handed to achieve success. I obtained an education, started that first job, and instantly found myself on the hamster wheel of life; jumping from one hamster wheel to the next as each boss maneuvered me into the jobs that helped their careers. On the surface, I looked successful. (At least in terms of how society defines success.) I had a good income and I could buy nice things, but I wasn’t happy. I felt lost, stuck, and disconnected from myself, and I had no idea how to get off the hamster wheel.

About The Self Innovation Program

The Self Innovation Program is a radical new program designed to help participants discover what they really want out of life, set goals to get them there, and learn what it takes to lead themselves in making their new life a reality. It’s the way off the hamster wheel and the true connection to who you are inside; your authentic self.

This program is a comprehensive approach to discovering true fulfillment. If you are ready to take action and make some fundamental changes in your life with incredible guidance, support, encouragement and plenty of tools, then it’s time to sign-up and make those changes! This program delivers significant personal change if you are ready to commit to action in innovating yourself!

The Five Segments of Self

  1. Self Discovery

With some information to be completed before the first day, participants will learn about their personal style, the way they think & learn, and discover their own personal strengths while also digging out their values and passions. Values, Passions, & Strengths are the bedrocks of living a fulfilling life and combined, these are extremely important tools that make it easier to navigate the personal journey to the ultimate destination in life. If you were to use the metaphor of your life as a tree, this would be considered as discovery of your own personal roots. (We’ll examine the rest of your tree later!)

– DISC Assessment
– 360 Feedback
– Values
– Passions
– Strengths

  1. Self Motivation

Where do you usually get stuck? What motivates you? What areas of your life are feeling out-of-whack? When you understand how you deal with disappointment and what motivates you, you won’t ever be stuck for long. Before you know it, you’ll have the tools and the answers that are right for you in moving forward and stepping into the life you are striving to create and innovate.

– Wheel of Life
– Powerful Questions
– Emotional Scale
– Six Steps To Getting Unstuck

  1. Self Leadership

Now that you’re unstuck and have uncovered some of the things that will make your life more fulfilling, how about creating a vision of this ideal life and leading yourself right to it so that you can begin living it? Create your personal definition of a great leader. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls. Challenge yourself like never before. We are all capable of so much more yet many of us settle for mediocrity. By finding out what is holding you back, you begin to move forward and your ‘dream’ is no longer a dream but begins to become reality. So set your goals and start making it happen! Don’t worry. Accountability is all a part of the Self Innovation Program so we’ll make sure you do what you say you are going to.

– Goal Setting & Achievement
– Mind-Mapping
– Vision Board
– A Lesson in Semantics
– Personal Definition of Leadership

  1. Self Awareness

Are you a good communicator? Do you know what it takes to make incredible relationships whether it is with your significant other, a boss, a co-worker, a friend, or someone you’ve just met? We’ll take you through relationship management, conflict management, self management, self sabotage, and create your very own superhero who knows how to save the day! OK, the superhero part is a little goofy but it works! Are you ready to really understand yourself and how you interact with others? Are you ready to understand your own negative, internal dialogue and what it takes to move past it to start living the life of your dreams? There is a lot of fun to be had in becoming self aware!

– Relationship Management
– Conflict Management
– Self Management
– Self Sabotage
– Superheros

  1. Self Care

Hmmmm….Are you being selfish or are you simply taking care of yourself? Learn the difference and learn why self care is so important, especially for self innovation. Physical, nutritional, spiritual, and emotional are addressed here along with learning to ask for what you want. Now, doesn’t that sound good?

– Self Care vs. Selfish
– Physical Care
– Nutritional Care
– Mental/Emotional Care

Wrapping it all up!

What did life look like when you started this program? What did you learn? What did you accomplish? What does life look like now? What needs to be celebrated? Where do you go from here? This is an opportunity to bring some closure to this part of your journey and explore some options on where you go from here.

Options for the Self Innovation Program:

  • Personal One-on-One Coaching
    • Month-to-Month Coaching Agreement
    • (4) 60 minute, one-on-one, private coaching sessions per month
      – Private Sessions can be in-person, over the phone, via Skype, or a combination
    • Includes emails, texts, brief conversations for emergency support (no limit)
    • Includes any LifeQuest Alliance or Ready-Match workshops, webinars, and events (except when noted)


  • The Self Innovation Program (Instant Download) COMING SOON! :
    • Full access to the pre-recorded webinars
    • Self Innovation Program downloadable workbook
    • A private invitation to join a special (and private)Facebook Group for Self Innovators with LifeQuest Alliance, with Coach Laura moderating


  • The Self Innovation Program (4-Day, In-Person Intensive)
    • The Self Innovation Program includes (4) intensive, all-day, in-person sessions. It’s the “Let’s get it done” version for those people who want to be on their way to their destination ASAP!
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