Denver, Here I Come!

What a difference a month makes!  It just goes to show that you never know what might be waiting for you around the corner!

What the ‘Unknown’ became

Since I last wrote about the ‘Unknown regarding Denver, things began to fall into place.  I found a tenant for my townhouse who started their lease on October 1st, I found an apartment in the Denver area that lets a lot of that Denver sunshine in, friends helped me move furniture and pack my pod, and I have started some clients with the new Singles Relationship Coaching I just added to my practice!  Writing all of this to you from my new mountain paradise leaves me more than excited for this new chapter I am creating here in Denver.

The Challenges

Now, while it all sounds like sunshine and roses, let me be clear that while everything fell into place, it was not without its challenges; mainly financial challenges.  For instance, an oil change for my car turned into fluid changes, inspections, etc., which meant hundreds of dollars instead of $30-$50!  Oh, and they said that I need new tires…all four!  (An even bigger chunk of change!)  Those bills hit me just before I left for Denver to find an apartment.  Once I got back from Denver, I was hit with major expenses for my town home; a new hot water heater and a new patio door.  Yes, let me go pluck some money from My Money Tree!

Truthfully, I really cannot complain.  I have a nice little apartment (and I do mean little) 15 miles outside of Denver.  While I am in my apartment, I have to remind myself that I am actually here in Denver however, when I drive my car to and begin to exit my subdivision, that view of the Rocky Mountains takes my breath away every time!

So, what does your paradise look like and are you ready to start moving in that direction?  Share your comments below!  Sometimes even writing something like that out on a public forum is a small step toward your dream!  Will you take that baby step?

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The Moment

What has the universe delivered to you in an unexpected way?

This was the moment. It’s certainly not a moment I ever dreamed about or looked forward to however I suppose, after the turn of events I had experienced in the last year, I had certain expectations for how this day, this moment, might go.

My entire family, which is quite small, took two cars up to Wisconsin; about 20 -25 miles North of the Wisconsin Dells on Castle Rock Lake. On the way up there, I couldn’t help but notice what a perfect day it was. 75 degrees and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. It was as if we ordered this weather and it was delivered even better than we requested. With the feeling of bright sunshine all around us, we arrived at the Dirty Turtle, and ordered our lunch while they showed us the pontoon boat we were to rent for the next four hours. This part certainly did not go as expected at all. We had extremely poor service and were practically ignored. From the time we arrived to the time we took off on the boat, it took us over an hour to get both our food and the keys to the boat.

Frustrated and hungry, we all piled onto the boat with our food. The boys (4 of them) were excited to take off so that they could jump into the water. They couldn’t wait to go swimming, discover hidden treasures, and splash the adults with water. The adults (4 of us) were hungry and wolfed our food down as my brother drove the boat out onto the open water. The dog was very interested in jumping in the water however none of us had ever seen him go in the water before, and none of us wanted to be the one to fish him out if he did, so he was relinquished to the boundaries of the boat.

We found a nice little spot and dropped anchor. The kids jumped right in with their life vests on. (Again, none of the adults wanted to fish any kids out of the water either! Thank God for life vests!) The adults relaxed and finished up their meals. We all enjoyed seeing the boys having so much fun splashing about. One of them asked if there were fish in the lake. One of us replied, “Yes, lots of them.” While another adult began going into the details about a particular type of fish. Their thoughts were cut off so as not to scare the children about what they could have a chance encounter with.
We knew this wasn’t the spot or the moment. It just wasn’t special enough. So, we got everyone back on the boat and moved on. Ahead of us was a small island so, we headed for the island. There were lots of boats anchored around this island. In fact, it had a depth of about four feet on one side where you could see people walking between their boats and the island. We puttered over to the back of the island and sent the kids off to explore while the adults stayed on the boat. Just as the kids were arriving at the island, my sister and I Iooked at each other and we just knew. I said, “I think this should be the spot.” She said, “I think so too. The island would help us find this spot again. It could be mom’s island.”
None of us had ever had any experience with this. There was no script on what to do or how to do it. Truthfully, I think all of us were in a certain level of denial about this moment and hadn’t really planned anything other than to get ourselves out there on this lake at the same time, which was a minor miracle in itself.

My sister read the poem that we had given out to everyone at my mom’s Celebration of Life back in December. That’s when the waterworks started. In this moment, I sorely missed my mom, felt comforted by the presence of her, felt comforted by the shared loss we were all experiencing, and wanted to be alone all at the same time. My sister took out the special cup we brought for this occasion and took a scoop of my mom’s ashes. She said a few meaningful words and spilled her ashes into the water. Now it was my turn. It was a weird, creepy, and somehow comforting feeling all mixed into one as I delicately scooped up a cup of my mom’s ashes. It was as if I thought she was fragile at this point. She was fragile to me because this was all we had left of her. As I poured my scoop of mom over the side of the boat I said something like, “This is the place you wanted to be mom! Be free,” and then promptly began balling. My brother and father did something similar and we all had our moment with mom. This gorgeous day, this beautiful lake, this sweet little island, this incredible moment….there it was.

It is no coincidence that we picked Castle Rock Lake. My parents had purchased land just off the shore but for reasons that would take too long to explain, they never built anything on their property. Just the same, this is exactly the kind of day my mom would have wanted to share with all of us. She had always wanted to rent a pontoon boat, bring the entire family, including the dog, and see everyone have a good time jumping into the water and having fun. This was the day she envisioned, and she finally got it. She was there, just not exactly the way she thought she would be there. The Universe is funny that way. It always delivers what you are asking for, it just may not be delivered exactly as you envisioned it.

What has the universe delivered to you in an unexpected way?

Have you chosen to embrace it? How?

Share your story! It will be a gift to other readers, and a gift to yourself for setting your story free!