Money & Your Subconscious…

money-and-your-subconscious-mind1-300x163Do you stress over money?  Not having enough?  Wishing you had more?  Money is charged with emotions and tied to our beliefs!  We have so many emotions and beliefs attached to money that are hanging out in our subconscious.  These things, that we don’t even know are there, hold us back from acquiring the amount of money we wish we had.

For example, I was listening-in on a group coaching call led by another coach and, through the story that another woman was telling, I found one of my own limiting beliefs sitting right there in my subconscious that I never knew I had.  In a nutshell, I found myself recalling a memory of my mom teaching me how to save money.  Whatever money I received from birthday presents, grandparents, etc., I was to put into an old Skippy peanut butter jar that my mom kept in her dresser drawer.

It’s a good lesson, right?  Save your money by putting it away and not spending it!  Well, what I didn’t realize was what this interaction imprinted upon me;  that that I wasn’t allowed to manage my money or I am unable to manage my own money.  Money would always be managed by someone else.  In this case, my mom, who kept my money away from me in her dresser drawer with only the ability to make deposits under her supervision.

And so here I was at age 41 still not really managing my own money.  For me, this was an epiphany.  It wasn’t that I was completely irresponsible with money.  After all, my mother had taught me other great lessons about money.  I paid my bills on-time and put money away for retirement, but I wasn’t very good at saving, budgeting, or planning and someone else has always made the  big money decisions for me (my parents, a financial planner, etc.)

What might be lurking in your subconscious about money? 

What great lessons were you taught that may have given you a false belief that you carry around with you to this day?

By bringing this false belief to my consciousness, I was now able to make a choice about it.  I talked about it with friends and found the program, Quicken, which is awesome!   This software automatically connects to your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and shows you how much you spend each month in a variety of categories.  It also has a budget planner and a bill reminder.  (Highly recommended for personal banking; not business banking/accounting.)

I started to get clear about what I was spending my money on, and how much, which led me to make some new choices and begin managing my money more consciously.  I have much farther to go in the goal of being a better manager of my money, but the first, small step was becoming aware of my beliefs.

A great book for you to get started on this is “Conscious Money,” by Patricia Auberdene.