Letters to My Soul…

Dear Soul,

Dear SoulI picked up a book the other day called, Soul Agreements.  I wasn’t looking for a book.  I was actually looking for a meditation CD but, this book seemed to almost jump off the shelf at me.  It talks about how we create the script for our life; our incarnation while we are in spirit form, before we step into these human bodies for a human experience.  It strongly resonates for me; especially after reading the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, several years ago which talks about past lives, spirit guides, and our time in spirit form.

This leads me to so many questions about my life right now; this incarnation and the many incarnations I’ve had before.  While I believe I have found my true passion and purpose in this life as a Life & Relationship Coach, I wonder what lessons and experiences I scripted for myself while I was in spirit.  And what decisions did I make along the way  while in human form that ‘changed the game’ I laid out for myself?  Who are the people who were truly meant to cross paths with me to guide me and/or show me contrast so that I learn the lessons you, my soul, set out for myself?

When working with my clients, the fear of the unknown comes up a lot.  When I begin working with them, the unknown is most often the ‘worst case scenario’ they can conjure up in their heads.  Well, who wouldn’t fear that?  Who would want to step outside of their comfort zone into the unknown if they think it is going to be terrible and awful?  When I introduce that the unknown could be amazing, incredible, or beautiful, they are usually receptive to this idea but not instantly trusting of it.  If the Law of Attraction has a role to play here and, if it is the equivalent of a self-fulfilling prophecy, wouldn’t you want to choose to believe in your own prophecy; something wonderful and step into that?  We become a lot less fearful of the unknown when we default to wonderful instead of terrible!

So what does the unknown have to do with the agreement I made with you (my soul) before I entered into this body?  Well, my current perspective is that the unknown and the unfolding of life is beautiful…..AND….I want to know what happens next!  While I don’t necessarily want to know how it all ends because that would spoil the adventure for me, I do want to have more clarity about some of the bigger events in my life; something to look forward to; to strive toward; to motivate me; inspire me.  Perhaps this is why people see psychics!

So, my dear soul, as I begin to integrate meditation more and more into my life, and I begin to write down my dreams (which is an opportunity to rendezvous with you), I am hoping you will begin to tell me what I have to look forward to, and maybe the lessons I need to be looking out for.  In a metaphor, I feel like a kid at Christmas:  There are all of these presents under the tree and, while I want to tear through all of them at once, I also want to enjoy each of them one at a time.  Yes….I want to have my cake and eat it too!

So, where can you guide me from here?  I know, I know…I need to trust my intuition, I need to meditate more to connect with you on a regular basis, and I need to harness that Law of Attraction and BELIEVE IN what my future holds!  Easier said than done, but I plan on doing it!

P.S.  You are so amazing!

Letters to My Soul







Dear Soul,

What a bumpy ride!  With all of the uncertainty, chaos, and change of plans, I have put you on the back burner.  I couldn’t look at you.  Looking at you meant that I had to face the fact that I have ignored you.   I feel I have let you down.  I haven’t gone for walks, meditated, attended yoga classes, journaled, or read much lately.  These are all things that  keep you and me connected, and the things that thoroughly nurture you, which makes me whole!

Have no fear!  I know that as I start this new chapter in my life, I will basically have a clean slate.  That clean slate includes putting you, my soul, at the top of the priority list.  As I construct my new daily schedule and begin to implement it, these things that I have neglected to do will be included in my daily life.  That is my new commitment to you!

With Love,


Letters to my Soul…

OMG!  OK Soul, I must be on the edge of a breakthrough, or maybe just on the edge!  Every week is another roller coaster ride!  Some days, I am on the top of the roller coaster, motivated and ‘rockin’ it!’  Other days, I am speeding to the bottom and I don’t want to get out of bed or even move toward anything that would feel ‘up’.  The fact that I am experiencing one extreme and then another makes me think that I am battling a tug of war with YOU, my soul, and this thing called being human!  Hopefully, I will breakthrough soon, and hopefully, my breakthrough means that I am so much more connected to you!

What do you want to say to your soul?

Share.  Connect.  Learn.  Grow.

Letters to my Soul….

(By Fred M.)

Dear Soul,

I know you have been feeling restless about several things but you need to try to move forward. Writing this is a challenge, but it is really time for you to fly. Saying good-bye hurts but you need to set yourself free. Remember there never really is an end, just a new beginning.

Your heart is breaking because you won’t face reality. The reality that you need to talk with Buddy. The reality that maybe what you want may be the very thing she wants. Going through life not knowing what could have been is a terrible thing to live with. Think of all the dreams and thoughts you have had that involved Buddy, and all the possibilities that may become a reality if you only had the courage to confront your internal feelings. Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared. Step up to the plate and swing for the fences, big risks provide the opportunity for big rewards. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Your feathers are too colorful. Some birds were just not meant to be caged, you are that bird, and you shouldn’t be caged. Only you can set yourself free. You need to find a way to set yourself free. Set yourself free and I am confident that you’ll achieve many or all the things you dreams. This is what life is all about. You need to fly high, where the eagles fly. Flying with the eagles is the only place where you can truly be happy. You were not meant to settle, settling is for average people, and you’re not average, far from it. Transcend the ordinary, show the world what you are made of. Let people know about you, who you are, and what you are made of. Stop settling.

Now go out and achieve!!!! The world is in the palm of your hand, go out and get it. Everything else is secondary.

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Letters to My Soul….

(by Fred M.)

Dear Soul,

I am not so sure what to say to you or why I am writing, but I am sure that I will find out soon enough. I do know that you have greatness within you, unlimited potential as well as success somewhere within the deepest recesses. Your biggest challenge is to gain access to all your potential for the entire world to see. I know that you are a powerful entity that is unstoppable once set into motion.

In many ways I feel that I have let you down. I have let you down mainly by being busy with busyness. Sometimes this busyness is helping others accomplish/achieve tasks/goals that are important to them. Other times the busyness can be excuses to avoid or delay taking the necessary action to pursue goals that dwell deep down in my heart. The majority of the time the major excuse is that I don’t know where to start or how to start. Either way, all this busyness leads to not taking care of you, not placing you in a higher priority. Your needs, desires, goals are always placed on the back burner in favor of something else that should be of less importance.

I have also let you down by not letting you take risks/chances. Without risk there is no reward, and I have not allowed you to take the necessary risks to allow you to discover who you really are, to truly let you shine. I have kept you at bay, held you back, and prevented you from truly shinning. I have no explanation why I have allowed this to occur nor do I know how to set you free. I wish I had the answer.

I know that the burdens of life bog you down. I also, accept the responsibility for the burdens that keep you tied down. Care for an elderly parent, a partner that doesn’t share the responsibility equally, as well as financial burdens are all responsibilities that are choices. Care for the parent is important, the partner can change, and the financial responsibilities are temporary. As time passes these things, too shall fade away.

I don’t know why you can’t deal with your feeling for ‘Buddy’. There appears to be an opportunity that you just refuse to address. I realize that the situation is complicated. First, you are married. Although you are in a loveless relationship, for the most part you just go through the motions. There is no love, compassion, laughter, togetherness, nothing. You don’t dislike your wife, you’re just not in love with her anymore, you still love her but you’re not in love. It is always you who has to initiate anything. Very little comes from the other side, you’re involved in a lopsided relationship that makes you feel all alone and by yourself.

Second, Buddy works for your brother, she makes her living at the office. Buddy’s job is how she pays her mortgage, bills as well as entertainment. While complicated, Buddy has said and perhaps gives clues that there may be interest and you have done nothing, not a thing. How pathetic is that!!!! All because you won’t take a chance/risk. What are you afraid of?

At least Buddy senses when thinks are not quite right with you. Buddy cares about how you eat, whether or not you are taking care of yourself. Buddy shows interest and genuine concern for you. You and your current partner communicate superfluously with very little meaning, care or concern.

I know you still feel like that bird with his wings all tied up. Perhaps you should throw caution to the wind so-to-speak and just go for it. Like the NIKE motto, “JUST DO IT”. Go for broke, walk the walk. No Fear. We have to find a way to untie those wings so that you may soar like and eagle.

One way to set you free may be to change your relationship status. This is probably your biggest burden and could potentially ruin the remainder of your life. Remember that your time is limited and you should not live your life by everyone else’s expectations or how they may perceive you should you choose this path. I know you’re afraid that your current partner will suffer, but I don’t know why you feel responsible for her. She is a big girl and should be able to take care of herself. Whether she can or cannot take care of herself may not be your concern. Your main concern should be for yourself. Take care of you, you are number one. I think the sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll find happiness.

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Letters to My Soul….

March 8, 2012

Dear Soul,

It’s been really tough trying to honor you lately.  There are so many people in my life who don’t agree with, or could never make the kind of choices I am making.  I’ve had to struggle with honoring relationships that are extremely important to me while also trying to honor you at the same time.  I realize that I cannot do both.  In the past, I’ve honored their choices however, that resulted in me never really being happy and sometimes harboring some resentment toward them, even though I know I am responsible for my own choices.  Now that I have learned how important it is to take care of myself and make choices that are right for me, my choice is to always honor my soul first.  Now, with my current circumstances, that means important people around me may not be very happy with me right now.  I know that, in time, they will be able to see how I am honoring myself and perhaps gain the courage they need to do the same for themselves.  After all, if I don’t honor you, who will?

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Letters to My Soul….

January 17, 2012

Dear Soul,

Hmmm…Today, what can I say?  It is really hard to honor you sometimes…well, most of the time.  I have become much better over the years at honoring your need to help others in a much more healthy manner.  I have also become much better at honoring your core values and communicating to others when they are stepping on those values.  So, you could say that I have come a long way in recognizing and honoring  all that you are and all that you stand for….and for that, I am proud!  It also feels incredibly good when I make choices and decisions that honor and align with our values, passions, and strengths.  It makes me feel more and more fulfilled every time I consciously do that!

It also feels so good to write to you and tell you all of this.  I’ll keep on doing my work on honoring you to the point where it is no longer work; it just is…

Hmmm, I wonder what other people might write to their soul?

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