Baggage? I Ain’t Got No Stinking Baggage!

HoarderWhat is your home environment like?  Is it messy and cluttered?  Dirty and disorganized?  Or are you super-clean and super-organized? If your home environment feels like it is caving in on you or taking over your life, guess what?  It is!  It could be a symptom of the pain(s) you hold inside from your past.  OK, so you are probably not a hoarder, but do you have hoarder-like tendencies?  Are you unable to let go of things because you’ve attached a memory or emotion to it?  It’s perfectly normal to attach a memory or emotion to an object and hold onto that object to remind you, but doing this in excess may mean you’ve got some emotional baggage which is manifesting into actual physical baggage. When we clean-up our home environment, and feel proud of our space, and comfortable welcoming others in, we also feel proud of ourselves and are more likely to welcome others into our lives.  As you start to go through things you may find that everything has an important memory that you want to keep.  So, what are you going to do?  Can you really keep it all and still feel good about your space?  One way to further weed through your things is to keep only those items that you can put in a place of honor or put on display somewhere so that you are truly honoring that memory rather than burying it under a pile of papers. We all have baggage because we are all human!  How much we hold onto is a choice.  Many of us are unconsciously choosing to hold onto everything, and therefore feel out of control.  Once we shine light on those deep dark places that are buried deep within us, they aren’t dark anymore; we can release them into the light; we can release some of the physical baggage too!

What are you avoiding?

What do you need to pull out of the darkness and release into the light?

What do you need to let go of?