Denver, Here I Come!

What a difference a month makes!  It just goes to show that you never know what might be waiting for you around the corner!

What the ‘Unknown’ became

Since I last wrote about the ‘Unknown regarding Denver, things began to fall into place.  I found a tenant for my townhouse who started their lease on October 1st, I found an apartment in the Denver area that lets a lot of that Denver sunshine in, friends helped me move furniture and pack my pod, and I have started some clients with the new Singles Relationship Coaching I just added to my practice!  Writing all of this to you from my new mountain paradise leaves me more than excited for this new chapter I am creating here in Denver.

The Challenges

Now, while it all sounds like sunshine and roses, let me be clear that while everything fell into place, it was not without its challenges; mainly financial challenges.  For instance, an oil change for my car turned into fluid changes, inspections, etc., which meant hundreds of dollars instead of $30-$50!  Oh, and they said that I need new tires…all four!  (An even bigger chunk of change!)  Those bills hit me just before I left for Denver to find an apartment.  Once I got back from Denver, I was hit with major expenses for my town home; a new hot water heater and a new patio door.  Yes, let me go pluck some money from My Money Tree!

Truthfully, I really cannot complain.  I have a nice little apartment (and I do mean little) 15 miles outside of Denver.  While I am in my apartment, I have to remind myself that I am actually here in Denver however, when I drive my car to and begin to exit my subdivision, that view of the Rocky Mountains takes my breath away every time!

So, what does your paradise look like and are you ready to start moving in that direction?  Share your comments below!  Sometimes even writing something like that out on a public forum is a small step toward your dream!  Will you take that baby step?

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Inspiration is My Drug

I’m not going to lie.  The day I left the Chicago area was REALLY tough.  I had to say goodbye to my family and closest friends; the people who are closest to me; the people who support me and have my backside; the people who know me better than most.  I had to say goodbye and go to a place where I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a job lined-up, and a place where I have absolutely no support system.  I was balling like a baby!  It was physically painful and REALLY made me second guess my decision to move to Denver.  When I finally got the car packed and pulled out of the driveway, I had to force myself to remain focused on why I wanted all of this in the first place.  That, and I had to focus on my cat.  He thought we were going to the vet!

Iggy, my cat, whom I affectionately refer to as my ‘live stuffed animal,’ was literally on my shoulders behind my head in the car as we pulled out onto I-294 to head South.  It wasn’t until I hit I-80 (about an hour later) that I think he realized that he wasn’t going to the vet and he finally found a comfortable place and settled-in.  From that point on, time and distance melted away the awful feeling that I had just ripped my family apart from me, and began replacing that feeling with excitement and hope.

Iggy and I arrived at our new home after 2 days on the road and, after about a week, we were pretty much settled in.  I was in Denver about one week and putting away some of my serving dishes when I received a phone call from a former colleague.  She and I had worked together as business coaches in a group we formed called Unified Coaching Concepts.  The group still exists, but she and I had long ago exited the group to pursue our more focused passions.  For me, life & relationship coaching.  For her, being a yoga instructor.

Her phone call surprised me because we hadn’t spoken in about 1-2 years.  Why she called also surprised me.  It seems that my choice of moving to Denver (and being very public about it) has had her thinking about doing the exact same thing.  I had no idea she was following what I was doing, nor did I have any idea that Denver was something she would ever consider.  She wanted to know why I decided to move to Denver and how the move was going.  Well, the ‘why’ part was very simple…I did not want to become 80 years old (which I think will happen in the blink of an eye), look back, and regret that I never moved to the mountains.  I think that answer may have pushed her over her own fence.  We had quite a long talk and, while she was appreciative that I took the time to chat with her about her own impending decision to move, I could not hold back on the gift she had just given to me!

You see, inspiring others is my passion and, when she called, I was personally in that place of uncertainty.  You know, that little devil on my shoulder was whispering doubt into my ear all week:  “You’re too far away from family!  What are you going to do if you broke your foot and needed someone to help you?  How are you going to make ends meet?  Do you really think you can pull this off?”  Her phone call knocked that little devil right off my shoulder, silenced him, and reinforced my decision to move to Denver even more!  Inspiring others is my drug, and she had just given me a big, old high!  (Now, even though Colorado just made 1 oz. of pot legal, I have not indulged, and it was certainly not my reason for moving here.)

Thank you, my friend (you know who you are), for letting me know how my journey has influenced you.  Your phone call was a gift and I hope that you find the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and make a choice that is right for yourself; a choice that you won’t regret when you turn 80 and look back at your life wondering if you have done all of the things that you really wanted to do!

What do you want to make sure you have done by the time you are 80?  Share some of your bucket list items in the comments below.  Maybe your comments will inspire someone else!

Denver Update

I often talk about ‘the unknown’ with workshop participants and clients.  As humans, we often paint a picture of the ‘unknown’ to be a terrible, horrible place.  And it will be, if that is what you believe your ‘unknown’ to be.  It will also be an incredible and amazing place, way better than the place you are right now, if you just believe it and focus upon it.  You know…that thing called a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Well, I am grappling with my own ‘unknown.’  While I know that I will eventually move to Denver, I truthfully don’t know when.   It all hangs in the balance of finding new tenants for my townhome rental in Libertyville.  Since I am not independently wealthy and cannot afford a mortgage in Chicago and rent in Denver, the reality is that I cannot afford to move to Denver until I get new tenants.

But wait!  There’s more!  Back in July, I made the decision to postpone my move to Denver in order to help my dad move to a more manageable property and to hold an estate sale to empty his house so that the house can be put up for sale.  Well, about a week after I made that decision, my dad decided that he was not moving, and he did not want to hold an estate sale.  In essence, he had no clue what he wanted. And, in essence, I had no clue what to do with myself for the next month.

With nothing scheduled for August, because I was supposed to be settling into an apartment in Denver or I was supposed to be preparing for an estate sale and moving my father to a new home, I was forced to operate in limbo for more than a month.  All of my things were packed away.  I had been living with only the essentials, since I had fully intended to move.  It is like perpetually waiting for some big event to happen that never comes.

The new plan is to definitely head to Denver if I get new tenants by October 1st.  If not, I will remain in Chicago until May.  With the rental market as tight as it is in Denver, and the optimal window for finding an apartment gone (May – August), it just made more sense to stay until the timing was optimal.  Besides, I don’t really want to move furniture in the middle of a potential snow storm!

So, here I am, in September, in limbo, unable to really plan anything.  I could plan a bunch of in-person workshops but it would definitely go against my value of integrity if I had to cancel on people who were counting on me to be there.  While I have plenty of online workshops scheduled for September and October, my focus, during the month of August, had been on writing a new business plan, setting new goals, and working on a media kit and public relations.  The fruits of that labor won’t be seen until I am further down the road, but I have comfort in knowing that I did not waste the gift of time that I had been given.  After all, I had also used that time to connect with people I had not seen in a long time, which helped me to move forward through the hurdles I was constantly jumping.

What about you?  What have been your challenges this year?  What are you currently struggling with?

Share.  Connect.  Learn.  Grow.