Where’s Your Passion & Purpose?

passion-heart-and-purposeDo you love what you do?  Does your work feel fulfilling?  Do you feel like the work you do makes a difference or has a positive impact on others?  If so, congratulations!  It sounds like you are working in a career that is in alignment with your values, purpose, and passion.

If not, do you know what your values are?  Do you know your purpose in life?  Do you know what you are passionate about?  Are you doing anything outside of work that might put you in alignment with these things?

Once you knowing your values, passions, and purpose, it is time to line-up the things, people, and activities in your life that align with you.  That is when you start living a very fulfilled life!

If you’d like to start figuring all of this stuff out, I encourage you to DOWNLOAD THE INSTANT WORKSHOP, “Finding My Passion & Purpose in Life, which includes a Values worksheet, Life Purpose worksheet, and a 15 minute guided meditation to help you find your purpose.  It’s a fantastic start to your personal  journey!