Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

As a life coach, I come across it all the time.  I speak with incredible, amazing people who are in transition or feeling truly stuck in their lives.  They hear about coaching and really want/need coaching.  They see the power of coaching and how it can change and transform their life…and they choose to do nothing.

If you have children, how far would they go if they didn’t have a coach for their chosen sport?  If you want them to truly excel in their chosen sport, they need a coach; someone to motivate them, keep them focused, teach them new skills, and stay on task; remind them why they love the sport and what they are going after; why it is so important to them.

YES!  I WANT COACHING!  I know you do! However most people  are more likely to invest in new tires on their car than they are to invest in themselves.  Yes, I know tires are important!  (I just bought a full set!)  After all, without them, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.  You wouldn’t be able to move.  It is the same for your life!  People who consider coaching are in this very frustrating place of not being able to move.  They stay stagnant in their life.  They either have no tires on their proverbial car of life, or their tires are bald and spinning, ultimately getting them nowhere.

Are you worth it?  Are you worth the investment or is your car worth more than you?  I may be biased, but no matter how you choose to spend your money, when you are investing in yourself, it is always the best investment you can ever make!  You’ve not only added miles to your life, you’ve also added the ability to see all of the sights along the way!