They Say It’s The Little Things That Count!

Little ThingsIt’s true! The little things combine to make up the big things! So, when working with one of my clients on their health, they decided that they wanted to work on making some little changes to contribute to their health, like taking the stairs, or walking to work. But he didn’t stop there! He made-up a whole list of little things he could do differently each and every day and is starting to implement that list into his life. He was even gracious enough to share his list of little things here:




Randy’s List of Little Things….

Include a vegetable or fruit with every meal
Stand at work while making phone calls
Eat fish once per week
Drink red wine from Chile
Do volunteer work once per week
A dozen crunches twice per day
A dozen push ups twice per day
A dozen Squats twice per day
Order thin crust pizza
Share your love every day
Happy wife, Happy life
Eat cherries to fall asleep
Kur technique to fall asleep
Set your rearview minor a bit higher on long drives
Eat a banana once per day
Stretch often
Go for a walk
Take a deep breath
Go to bed earlier
Drop the all or nothing attitude
Plan your meals
Have healthy food choices readily available
Break up your routine on occasion
Seek help when needed
Always see the humor in life
Surround yourself with good people
Be kind to self and others
Make time for hobbies and projects


So, how about you? What are some little things that you could do differently that would contribute to the bigger goal you are trying to reach in life?

Want a better relationship? What little things are you doing for your significant other that might contribute to that better relationship?

Want a promotion or better job? What little things are you doing to get yourself there?

What little thing could you do right now, in this moment?