Destination Push PinI talk a lot about ‘destination’ in the workshops and group coaching calls I do whether it is in regards to Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching.  Why?  Because you have this precious life to live as you see fit.  You are the captain of your own ship.  Where you are at in life is a direct result of the choices you are making and where you are steering yourself in life.  If you don’t have a destination programmed into your internal GPS system, you are probably wandering around a lot in life; much like that squiggly gray line, you are likely finding yourself taking a lot of detours, going in circles, passing through a bunch of construction, and perhaps even stuck in the traffic of your own life all because you don’t know where  you are going.

Let me be clear.  Once you define your destination, it doesn’t mean that your life will look like that attractive straight red line.  After all, you are still steering your own ship and sometimes you will make the choice to pull into port to take a rest, or circle back to that place you happened to stop in.  What’s the difference?  The difference is consciously choosing versus allowing your subconscious to steer your ship!

If you know where you are going in life, it makes it so much easier to say ‘No’ to the things that don’t line-up with your destination.  Consider this metaphor:

You determine that your destination is (metaphorically speaking) San Diego.  Why not?  They’ve got beautiful weather, mountains, ocean, beaches, etc.  So, you set your sights on San Diego and start making your way there from wherever you are.  On your way, a friend stops you and says, “I’ve won tickets to New York!  Come with me!  We can see Broadway plays, visit museums, and eat some fabulous food!  What do you say?”  So you think about it.  The old you, the one without a destination, might just go to New York and have a great time, wandering around not sure where you should be going from there.  The new you easily says, “No thank you!” because you know it will be a BIG DETOUR from the place you REALLY want to go; your ultimate destination in life; the place that you are passionate and purposeful about!

Stephen Covey says, “It’s easy to say NO when there’s a deeper YES burning inside!”  Maybe it’s time to Find Your Deeper YES!