The Truth!

the-truth-shall-set-you-freeI moved to Denver from Chicago in November of 2012 not really knowing a soul in Denver but bringing with me all of the excitement and joy of starting a new life in a new place.  I knew I would miss my friends and family back in Chicago, but I figured that with all of the technology out there today, I could easily stay in touch via phone, e-mail, skype, etc.  And I did!  But what I did not foresee in all of the preparations I had made for this big move in my life was how much I would miss the ENERGY of the people I love.

About four months after I moved to Denver, I had slowly become depressed.  I lost my confidence; my motivation.  Being alone on this journey with only my cat for comfort, I didn’t realize how much I would miss a person’s physical presence, a touch, or being in the same room with someone who really knows me.  I began to sleep a lot.  I would sleep a full 8 hours, get up, have breakfast, and then sleep again for another hour or two.  I had no energy to work on my business or reach out to anyone.  I only had the desire for more sleep, which was my only escape from loneliness, which was the situation I had put myself in. (Situational Depression)

About six months into my move was when I realized that I was actually depressed.  For two months, I was denying this.  I didn’t want to admit it to myself and I didn’t want to face it if it were true so, I pushed it away and kept feeling it’s symptoms.  However, once I became conscious of this depression; once I acknowledged it and allowed the possibility, I now had a choice.  I could stay depressed and keep sleeping all of the time, or I could be vulnerable, share my dark secret with others, reach out for help, and get back to the person I was when I felt confident and motivated!

So to help myself, I decided that I would answer a key question truthfully.  When I spoke to friends or family who were asking me, “How are you doing,” I would tell them the truth….and it did begin to set me free!

The truth set me free because I was willing to acknowledge it, embrace it, and speak it; I was willing to be vulnerable; to show that I don’t always have it all together; to show that I am human.  Because I was willing to do these things, I received support from friends and family who checked in with me much more often and asked what they could do to help.  Because I was willing to tell my new Denver friends what I was experiencing, they were willing to reach out to me more and relationships began to blossom.  Because I was honest with myself and others, life began to blossom again.

Is there something you are denying yourself?

Is there a truth you are not willing to admit to yourself, let alone others?

What if you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain if you allow the truth to set you free?