Silence = Fear

I’m scared of the silence.

Scared that everything will come bubbling up.

Scared to feel the emotions I’ve shoved down; deep down for so many years; for so many things.

Silence tells the truth.

Silence does not distract.

Silence puts a mirror to your face; a face I sometimes don’t want to look at.

Not out of shame or guilt.

Not out of embarrassment.

If I am silent; if I am truly present in silence, my greatest fear will come true.

My heart will burst.

I will feel raw emotions.

I will be present with the deep, dark crevices of my soul where it is lonely; it feels empty.

The truth is that silence is simply the vehicle that will illuminate the far reaches of my soul.

Silence does not choose the light or the dark.  After all, I am steering.

And once the dark places are illuminated, they are no longer dark.

My heart fears stepping into silence, while my brain knows that silence brings me freedom!

Silence = Freedom