Letters to My Soul…

Dear Soul,

Dear SoulI picked up a book the other day called, Soul Agreements.  I wasn’t looking for a book.  I was actually looking for a meditation CD but, this book seemed to almost jump off the shelf at me.  It talks about how we create the script for our life; our incarnation while we are in spirit form, before we step into these human bodies for a human experience.  It strongly resonates for me; especially after reading the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, several years ago which talks about past lives, spirit guides, and our time in spirit form.

This leads me to so many questions about my life right now; this incarnation and the many incarnations I’ve had before.  While I believe I have found my true passion and purpose in this life as a Life & Relationship Coach, I wonder what lessons and experiences I scripted for myself while I was in spirit.  And what decisions did I make along the way  while in human form that ‘changed the game’ I laid out for myself?  Who are the people who were truly meant to cross paths with me to guide me and/or show me contrast so that I learn the lessons you, my soul, set out for myself?

When working with my clients, the fear of the unknown comes up a lot.  When I begin working with them, the unknown is most often the ‘worst case scenario’ they can conjure up in their heads.  Well, who wouldn’t fear that?  Who would want to step outside of their comfort zone into the unknown if they think it is going to be terrible and awful?  When I introduce that the unknown could be amazing, incredible, or beautiful, they are usually receptive to this idea but not instantly trusting of it.  If the Law of Attraction has a role to play here and, if it is the equivalent of a self-fulfilling prophecy, wouldn’t you want to choose to believe in your own prophecy; something wonderful and step into that?  We become a lot less fearful of the unknown when we default to wonderful instead of terrible!

So what does the unknown have to do with the agreement I made with you (my soul) before I entered into this body?  Well, my current perspective is that the unknown and the unfolding of life is beautiful…..AND….I want to know what happens next!  While I don’t necessarily want to know how it all ends because that would spoil the adventure for me, I do want to have more clarity about some of the bigger events in my life; something to look forward to; to strive toward; to motivate me; inspire me.  Perhaps this is why people see psychics!

So, my dear soul, as I begin to integrate meditation more and more into my life, and I begin to write down my dreams (which is an opportunity to rendezvous with you), I am hoping you will begin to tell me what I have to look forward to, and maybe the lessons I need to be looking out for.  In a metaphor, I feel like a kid at Christmas:  There are all of these presents under the tree and, while I want to tear through all of them at once, I also want to enjoy each of them one at a time.  Yes….I want to have my cake and eat it too!

So, where can you guide me from here?  I know, I know…I need to trust my intuition, I need to meditate more to connect with you on a regular basis, and I need to harness that Law of Attraction and BELIEVE IN what my future holds!  Easier said than done, but I plan on doing it!

P.S.  You are so amazing!