The Power of Limitless Beliefs!

no-limits(The following was a response from an e-mail I sent out about limiting beliefs and dating.)



This email sparked me to share with you my story of meeting the most wonderful man, man of my dreams actually.  Like you I have a longing to contribute.  

In 2008 I was transitioning into a new life, like many of my friends.  And I was getting tired of my friends moaning about life.  One of them had told me I reminded her of Barbara Sher author of Wishcraft.  I looked her up and she suggested getting groups together to support each other.  So, I invited 3 other girlfriends to form a group where we would support each other in our quest for this transition time of our lives.  After 2 meetings these gals were jazzed and moving forward.  I was supposed to have my “goals” ready for the 3rd meeting.  I didn’t have a clue, and here I was the facilitator.   Sher suggested if you were stuck to write your dream day out.   I asked Spirit to send me some inspiration…I was not receiving the messages…So just like in school, I did my homework the night before.  I sat quietly, then from that quiet space I typed my ideal day.  I had no notion of what would come out.  I wrote that the man I love was already at his boat shop when I awoke at 6am.  (no idea where that came from) I also wrote that I was a life coach teaching Creativity workshops.  (didn’t really know about life coaches)  ….well you know that I went to CTI (Coaches Training Institute), and Memorial Day 2010 I went to the open house of the sailing club I belong to, I made an inquiry for my old boyfriend as to who knew about single-handed sailboats.  Now I had just broken up with this guy 2 weeks before telling him that I knew what I wanted and this relationship was not providing that.  During the open house event I took a break, sat on a bench, someone came over and sat next to me and I felt a woosh of energy.  He said Hi, someone told me you were looking for me.  It was Mark (the man of my dreams) within 5 minutes of our introducing ourselves, he mentions “when I retire I’m going to have a boat shop.”  It took a little time before I realized the woosh was “He’s here, the guy in your ideal day.”  

I may have many of those limiting beliefs at one time, but when I came into the space of getting in touch with what I was really wanting.  (btw that’s the other part of the story…I was learning about Abraham teachings and Law of Attraction.)  With the previous boyfriend I was experiencing lots of “contrast–what I don’t want.”  So each time I experienced contrast, I listened to my heart and translated the contrast into statements of what I do want.  (in a qualitative, feeling way) I found that list about 3 weeks after I met Mark.  Wow!  He was the list.  (btw the list wasn’t simple like handsome, smart, rich.  It told a story of how we were together, “he is intelligent and his intelligence adds so much to the understanding of me and our relationship.)  

So, use contrast to help focus on what’s valuable and write it down/tell the story.

Ahhh this was a nice stroll down memory lane.  Thanks for your email.  Best of Life to you!


Peace, Blessings & Joy (PB & J),

Lisa Kreischer