Letters to My Soul







Dear Soul,

What a bumpy ride!  With all of the uncertainty, chaos, and change of plans, I have put you on the back burner.  I couldn’t look at you.  Looking at you meant that I had to face the fact that I have ignored you.   I feel I have let you down.  I haven’t gone for walks, meditated, attended yoga classes, journaled, or read much lately.  These are all things that  keep you and me connected, and the things that thoroughly nurture you, which makes me whole!

Have no fear!  I know that as I start this new chapter in my life, I will basically have a clean slate.  That clean slate includes putting you, my soul, at the top of the priority list.  As I construct my new daily schedule and begin to implement it, these things that I have neglected to do will be included in my daily life.  That is my new commitment to you!

With Love,


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