Letters to my Soul….

(By Fred M.)

Dear Soul,

I know you have been feeling restless about several things but you need to try to move forward. Writing this is a challenge, but it is really time for you to fly. Saying good-bye hurts but you need to set yourself free. Remember there never really is an end, just a new beginning.

Your heart is breaking because you won’t face reality. The reality that you need to talk with Buddy. The reality that maybe what you want may be the very thing she wants. Going through life not knowing what could have been is a terrible thing to live with. Think of all the dreams and thoughts you have had that involved Buddy, and all the possibilities that may become a reality if you only had the courage to confront your internal feelings. Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared. Step up to the plate and swing for the fences, big risks provide the opportunity for big rewards. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Your feathers are too colorful. Some birds were just not meant to be caged, you are that bird, and you shouldn’t be caged. Only you can set yourself free. You need to find a way to set yourself free. Set yourself free and I am confident that you’ll achieve many or all the things you dreams. This is what life is all about. You need to fly high, where the eagles fly. Flying with the eagles is the only place where you can truly be happy. You were not meant to settle, settling is for average people, and you’re not average, far from it. Transcend the ordinary, show the world what you are made of. Let people know about you, who you are, and what you are made of. Stop settling.

Now go out and achieve!!!! The world is in the palm of your hand, go out and get it. Everything else is secondary.

(If Fred’s letter to his soul touched your soul in some way, please let him know by sharing your comments below.)

Denver Delayed….Life is What Happens to You When You Make Plans!

While I would like to think that I am good at rolling with the punches in life, this time I feel as if I was knocked down! Exactly one week before I was to leave for Denver, life began to happen and, slowly, my plans to move to Denver began to crumble[TLS1] . All of the following happened over a five-day period – just prior to my scheduled departure for Denver.

A few weeks ago, my father had consulted with doctors and learned that he had some skin cancer that needed to be removed. He had an appointment to have a piece of skin cancer removed from his nose, and then plastic surgery scheduled the next day to replace the piece of his nose that was removed. Long story short, they ended up removing three-fourths of his nose! His surgery went well; however, it was way more involved than any of us imagined, even himself. So, we rallied around him to make sure he received the care he needed, including bandage changes, food, prescriptions, bathing, etc.

In the meantime, my aunt was admitted to the hospital fighting a fever while also fighting her second round of cancer. The good news is that she was released from the hospital after a week and a half of antibiotic drips and chemotherapy. The bad news is that she spent a week and a half of her life in a hospital! We were able to squeeze in a visit in the midst of my father’s crisis!

While all of this was going on, my sister and I held the final garage sale of the summer. We did well despite the heat. However, we still have so much more to sell!It was determined that an estate sale is in the immediate future! Since you cannot plan an estate sale in a few days, it started to seem necessary to stick around longer than I had anticipated.

While holding the garage sale, I finally received word from my townhouse tenants that they would not be renewing their lease that is up at the end of August. So now I discovered that I need to find new tenants to begin a lease September 1st!

Now, you would think that would be enough, right? Well, this was also the weekend that I needed to move my office furniture out of my office space. While waiting for my brother to call to let me know he was on his way to help me, I found out that he had to call 911, and my dad had another trip to a different hospital. While changing his bandage, my brother could not stop the bleeding. The hospital actually had to make a stitch to stop the bleeding! My office furniture was finally moved the next day.

With that whirlwind weekend behind me and my family, I gave myself some time to process all of the major events that happened in the span of five days, and I decided (or maybe the Universe beat me over the head) to stay in town until early September for a variety of reasons:

  1. My father has 2 more surgeries scheduled, so I need to be there for whatever he might need.
  2. My father needs to move to a place that does not require lawn mowing or snow shoveling, so I need to be around to help him find a place and move him.
  3. We need to hold an estate sale to sell off all of the remaining furniture, kitchen items, books, home decor, etc. That will definitely take some time.
  4. I need to be there for the ‘walkthrough’ for my current renters and hope to have new renters moving in the next day.

With a few major items now on my plate, I’ve chosen to delay my departure to Denver. The good news is that everyone is doing well, and tragedies have been averted! As a life coach, I often coach my clients on the things that come up in their lives and help them to navigate the changes. I also help them find the learning or the opportunities that come out of those events.   While the learning and opportunities have not made themselves apparent yet, I am curious to find out what they have in store for me!

What learnings or opportunities have you encountered in your life hazards? Share your wisdom with others!