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Anyone who inquires about one-on-one coaching during International Coaching Week (Feb 5 – 11, 2012), and signs-up for coaching with Laura by February 29, 2012 will receive 50% off their first month of coaching! Call or e-mail:  847-650-6503, LMenze@LifeQuestAlliance.com

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Have you set goals for yourself, your career, or your business that have fallen to the wayside? Perhaps this is because you don’t have someone outside of your friends and family holding you accountable to those goals? (Friends and family usually have their own agenda for you, regardless of your goal.) Register your personal, business or career goals, etc. and LifeQuest Alliance will hold you accountable for achieving those goals. The program includes one custom, personal e-mail per week. (No ‘canned,’ generic or cusomized e-mails; only a personal e-mail from coach to you.) Take advantage of the program for only $100 per 6 months, 6 month minimum requirement. You can find out more or register for the program by sending an e-mail request to LMenze@LifeQuestAlliance.com

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With the new year comes new office space!  LifeQuest Alliance has found its home in Gurnee across from Viking Park on Old Grand Ave!  As LifeQuest Alliance begins to settle in and put its mark on the place, feel free to stop by and say hello!

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Letters to My Soul….

January 17, 2012

Dear Soul,

Hmmm…Today, what can I say?  It is really hard to honor you sometimes…well, most of the time.  I have become much better over the years at honoring your need to help others in a much more healthy manner.  I have also become much better at honoring your core values and communicating to others when they are stepping on those values.  So, you could say that I have come a long way in recognizing and honoring  all that you are and all that you stand for….and for that, I am proud!  It also feels incredibly good when I make choices and decisions that honor and align with our values, passions, and strengths.  It makes me feel more and more fulfilled every time I consciously do that!

It also feels so good to write to you and tell you all of this.  I’ll keep on doing my work on honoring you to the point where it is no longer work; it just is…

Hmmm, I wonder what other people might write to their soul?

Share your letter to your soul….Post it in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

Helpful Homework!

What do you need to release or let go of?  Perhaps you are holding on to old ideas about something that just isn’t working for you?  For instance, maybe you need to let go of the way you think about money or food?  Write down the old, negative thoughts.  Read through them.  Then burn them!  That’s right, BURN THEM!  Now get started on a new list of positive thoughts and stay focused on those!

CHANGE…that ‘four letter’ word!

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to change.  When we want it, it never arrives, and when change is thrust upon us, we don’t typically welcome it.  Regardless, change is what we all need to grow.  Without it, we’d be stuck; stagnate; unable to move; unable to grow as human beings.  Who wants to be stuck?  And who wants to be forcibly moved?


So, how does one stay grounded throughout life’s transitions and challenges?  Well, being aware of the hurricane and all of the elements swirling around you certainly helps.  If you have clarity about the changes going in your life, you can begin to address them.  It only takes a moment to step into the quiet or the eye of your hurricane to look around and say, “Oh, I’m in a hurricane…Things won’t be the same once this storm passes.”  Yet we seem to battle or plow through the storms in our life and never take the time to look up and see what is happening or even acknowledge the storm.  By being aware, we can much more easily address the changes or problems before us.  By keeping our blinders on and plowing through everything, we may end up on the other side if the storm in one piece, but so much more may have been lost than was necessary.  So, how do you address all of the changes?  By embracing them.

Embracing Change

Embracing change is what it is really all about yet, what are some questions we can ask ourselves to really begin to embrace change; especially when it enters your life like a hurricane?

  1. What do you need to let go of?
  2. What are you resisting?
  3. What positive things is this change providing for you?
  4. What is a different way of looking at it?

Letting Go

That first question is one of the hardest; What do you need to let go of?  Often times, we hold on so tightly to something that we don’t even know we are still holding on?  Perhaps you need to let go of the life you created for yourself 10 years ago?  Like fashion, the life you created for yourself 10 years ago probably doesn’t work so well in today’s day and age.  Is life telling you it is time for a change; time to re-create yourself/your life?  Maybe you don’t  realize that you are still holding onto the life you designed years ago?  Maybe you are holding onto the life you expected to create but it hasn’t come to fruition yet.  Is that what you need to let go of?

Resistance – The Power of Fear

Once you’ve figured out what you need to let go of, it’s time to ask yourself, “What are you resisting?”  Why haven’t you let go of it before?  Are you resisting out of fear?  …Fear that if you let go, everything will fall apart?  Fear of failure?  Fear of success? Fear of the unknown?  Fear can paralyze us.  Fear can paralyze us for years!  Fear can keep us in that holding pattern where we say, “Someday, I’ll write that book (Fill in the blank for yourself)!”  Many of us talk about someday, yet fear grips us and we don’t even realize it.  Acknowledge your fear, then take a small step to begin working through it.  For instance, if your life was turned upside down by being laid off; a change that was thrust upon you, perhaps you need to let go of the identity you had with that company?  Perhaps you are resisting the need to create a new identity because you want to keep things the way they were, but you know you can’t.  Fear of the unknown is working hard here, and unless you begin to step into the unknown, you will stay stuck.

The Bright Side

So, in the midst of change, it is easy to acknowledge and point out all of the negatives.  For example, if you’ve been laid off, you may be focusing on your severly reduced income (if you are collecting unemployment), the difficulty of being able to find a job in this day and age, or the perceived ‘shame’ that you may have taken-on as you walk with the label of “unemployed.”  The interesting part here is that you have a choice!  While you can never help what happens TO YOU, you have the power to choose HOW YOU REACT TO IT.

What’s Your Chosen Perspective?

In this example of being laid off, perhaps you’ve found a big load of relief because you no longer have to work 60 + hour work weeks, or you no longer have to worry about that big project you were working on?  In fact, those co-workers who are still working are probably taking-on your old workload, and they don’t have the luxury of time to re-invent themselves.  Maybe being laid off has allowed you to become closer to your family?  Maybe you’re re-assessing your priorities?  You see, changes that initially seem traumatic or devastating can have a bright side, and you always have the power to choose how you’d like to look at it.

While these are such simple question, they are very powerful questions to be asking yourself as you approach big, or even little changes.  So instead of treating the word ‘change’ as a nasty four-letter word, perhaps your perspective could be, “Change – Bring it on!”

Gratitude Jar 2011

Some of you know that I keep a Gratitude Jar in my office where clients  and visitors have the opportunity to write a little note about something they appreciate,  and drop it in the jar.  I’ve been known to drop a few notes in there myself!  It’s a simple way of staying positive and finding the small or big joys in life,  and celebrating them in a small way.

As 2011 has come to a close, I thought I would share the notes of 2011’s gratitude jar.


  1. Laughing at the end of the day!
  2. Job opportunities/confidence!
  3. Clarity & moving forward
  4. Opportunity to explore new ideas like my own non-profit
  5. Moving forward
  6. The chance to relax in front of someone without judgment
  7. A week plus of gorgeous, dry, warm Fall weather
  8. I am grateful for my thoughts…good & bad
  9. Had a good morning!
  10. Leftovers from mom
  11. I am grateful for ‘now.’ The time spent with you today is what I am grateful for.
  12. I am grateful for coaches like Ken Carlson who push me to places I don’t want to go but know I need to go!
  13. My health!
  14. Your support has been fantastic!
  15. Thankful for my best friend and the amazing friendship we have!
  16. Vision board!
  17. Sunshine!
  18. I get to inspire & motivate people…and get paid for it!
  19. Leftovers from mom…
  20. Family…and being able to visit
  21. Thankful for my children
  22. Chance to prove myself
  23. Thankful for today’s discussion.  Never expected to discuss goals/passion today!  Got me thinking….
  24. Grateful I have purpose and clearer vision of who I am!
  25. I am grateful for my body’s unconditional love and resiliency!
  26. Koolaid!
  27. I am grateful for the people that love me & support me.
  28. This human experience
  29. You are a good thing!
  30. Sooo appreciative of my mother…in ways I’m unaware of right now.  She’s an amazing woman!
  31. Gorgeous sunshine!
  32. My mom, she has, and continues to sacrifice a lot for me and her family.  Don’t know what I’d do without her!
  33. I appreciate the ‘slow-down’ that comes with a blizzard.  Everyone seems to be embracing the impending blizzard.
  34. Sparkle!
  35. Clarity!
  36. Moving forward
  37. Paradigm shifts!
  38. A fresh, new day!  Start again!
  39. I am grateful to get out of my hard box.
  40. I am grateful for great conversations, strong connections,  and the laughter of a blossoming friendship!
  41. I am grateful for dreary, overcast, cold winter days for it makes me appreciate the warm, sun-shiny days even more!
  42. Dryer, cooler weather …I sleep like a rock!
  43. Support
  44. Thankful for my health!
  45. I am grateful for my dogs!
  46. I am grateful for my family & Laura standing with me.
  47. Friends who challenge you to step into your greatness; who call you forth.
  48. Laura’s help!
  49. The journey!
  50. Sunshine!
  51. Wisdom!
  52. Grateful for Superwoman!
  53. Smiles J
  54. Listening to the lapping of Spring rain on the roof lulling me to sleep.
  55. I am so incredibly lucky to be a coach!  I get to inspire and motivate people, and I am honored by their willingness to trust me with the deepest parts of themselves…parts they weren’t aware of.  What an honor & a privilege!
  56. Thankful for my ability to see when my values are being stepped on and how to act maturely in response .
  57. Coach Laura
  58. I am grateful for Mary Ellin and all of the wonderful work she’s done to get me set-up on Quickbooks!
  59. I am grateful for not opining.
  60. I am.
  61. Enjoy the journey.
  62. I am grateful for my family.
  63. That I am strong enough to make decisions that align with me & my values rather than someone else’s needs!
  64. Friends who are not afraid to push me and walk with me into my dark places!
  65. My family.

Want to post something you are grateful for?  Post it in the “Leave a Reply” box below!


“Laura is a gem. I spent 15 years coaching football at the high school and college levels including a NJCAA coach of the year award in 1996. I consider myself to be a good coach. I have had and been associated with some excellent coaches. Laura Menze is at the top of the list as one of the great coaches in my life. Average coaches stop after explaining how to. Laura’s gift is going beyond the how. Challenging you to take that next step beyond contentment and into a new arena of opportunity. If you are considering a coach or looking to improve your quality of life, Laura is an excellent choice and one of the absolute best I have had the privilege of working with.”

~ Randy Cashmore,  Owner, Cashmore Investments

“Through Laura’s individual and group coaching, I have come to better understand my values, my ability to assess actions that I need to take in my life and to know what I can’t control and deal with it better, as well as what I need to be doing in my career in order to feel fulfilled rather than ‘just surviving’. Laura has a natural ability to see an individual’s self-inflicted road blocks and knows how to gently ask the right questions to help people recognize and move past them. I look forward to more sessions with Laura on my road to a new career and personal fulfillment.”

~ Cindy Ludford, Brand Manager at Abbott Diagnostics

“Laura has a knack for helping you to see what is holding you back and then helping to define the next steps. She believes everyone has a right to the life they’ve imagined for themselves and she walks with you as you take those first scary steps.”

~  Mary Ellin Innes, Owner, The Innes Company

“Laura Menze as a Life Coach is very effective as she strives to engage each person where they are on their life’s journey. She thoughtfully works with each person by supporting their strengths and encouraging them to take some creative risks in order to reach their life goals. Laura is honest, trustworthy, and allows each person to feel safe in their environment as they continue to learn and grow.”

~ Jane Wickenkamp, Social Worker, Geriatric Care Management

“If coaching can help me change as fundamentally as I have in one session, then I have to keep going with this!”

“I have to tell you, that inner “trip” I took was definitely an eye opener. I wish I could explain it well, but I feel different, better, willing to take the steps to make myself happy. I really want to keep this growth expanding!”

“I realized that I was so disconnected from who I really am. In just one session, I feel so much more connected to myself and empowered to take the steps necessary to BE that person. It was a great ‘wake-up’ call.”

“Laura is capable of anything she sets out to do. She has a wonderful work ethic (and) a positive attitude towards life. She is confident in everything she does (and) is not satisfied with just average, but strives to exceed expectations. I would recommend Laura highly as a personal life coach, as her skill sets, attitude and knowledge are perfectly aligned with being a successful life coach.”

~ Joe Muccianti, Graphic Designer, Rust-Oleum

“Laura is a deep and genuine human being. As a coach, Laura’s energy, clarity, and direct approach will inspire you to your grandest self expression.”

~ Jeanne Loehnis, Application Systems Manager, Lawrence University

“Laura is a wonderful coach who inspired me to really reach for what I want. I trust her to hold my broad agenda while helping me work through the details of the immediate challenges.”

~ Larry Wolf, Senior Consulting Architect, Kindred Healthcare

“Laura’s skills as a life coach are impressive. She is intuitive, direct and compassionate. Her coaching has been very helpful.”

~ Cathy Modde, Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center