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Dependence – A marathon training revelation!

A minor marathon set-back came for me this past week as I continued to follow the marathon training program and run the prescribed miles each day of the week.  I noticed that the left side of my right front calf was tight and sore.  The muscle was also noticeably larger than my left, but my right leg was always like that.

Perhaps I am just growing that muscle with all of this running?  It’s possible however, when I ran six miles last Wednesday, I noticed that I could run without it hurting but, boy was it ever sore afterward.  I decided to listen to my body and simply walked my miles on Thursday but again, I was sore, tight, and stiff.  While I can walk without any pain (only strong discomfort), it is as if someone has placed a vice on my leg and ankle.

Knowing that I had a nine mile run scheduled for Saturday, I sought advice from many different professionals and experienced runners.  The resounding advice was to listen to my body, who was telling me, “I don’t think so!”

It was actually bittersweet!  For some strange reason, I was looking forward to accomplishing nine miles and hitting that milestone but, I also enjoyed staying home and sleeping-in, avoiding the  eighty degree, high humidity weather my colleagues were running  that morning.  I’m feeling a little bit guilty about that decision and a bit wise, all at the same time.  Time will tell whether or not I have curtailed my ability to finish a marathon or, I am a genius for taking a break so that I can come back ready to pack on the miles!

Either way, set-backs like this are a part of life and they teach us so many things about ourselves.  What have your job search set-backs taught you, as you continue on your job seeker’s marathon?

I’ve learned not to take my body for granted and how dependent I am upon
it running smoothly for me.  I’ve also learned that it is important to listen to your gut.  I have a leg that is screaming at me to “take a break,” and I’m wondering if I should run 9 miles?  Hello? We often get these screaming warning signals but fail to acknowledge them because we have a goal to accomplish and don’t want anything to get in the way; not even our health.

So, what warning signals are screaming at you?  What have you been ignoring that needs attention?  What are you ultimately dependent upon?