You may or may not know that I also coach figure skating.  Yes, I do!  I teach little kids how to do swizzles, glide on one foot, and do a ‘Ta-Da!’  I also coach my clients in making sure they do a ‘Ta-Da’ every once in a while.  Want to know what a ‘Ta-Da’ is?  Read some more….

Falling Down

When I start a class of new figure skating students, before we even go out onto the ice, I teach them how to fall down and then get back up.  This is important because THEY WILL FALL DOWN when they get out onto the ice.  What is interesting is that some of the kids are so excited when they get out on the ice that they fall down and get back up several times, laughing and smiling the entire time because they are just so happy to be trying something new, slippery, and fun!

Then there are the kids who cautiously step out onto the ice, holding onto the wall, too terrified to let go.  It seems as if they feel they should be an Olympic champion the first time they step out onto the ice.  So, I get them to take a few steps away from the wall and, inevitably, they fall; except these cautious kids don’t laugh or smile.  Oh, no!  They let out that  howling, screaming cry because they failed…they failed to be perfect their first time out.  I find it so interesting that even at such a young age, we are afraid to fail.  That’s where the ‘Ta-Da’ comes in.

Where’s Your Ta-Da?

For these kids, before they get a chance to let out a full howl, I shock them by skating right up to them and asking them, “Where’s your ‘Ta-Da?’  Of course, they look at me confused; as if I have just asked them to solve world peace while they are sitting on the ice.  Then I show them:   With one arm up, one arm down, and one foot out with my heal in the ice I shout out, “Ta-Da!  That is what you do when you fall down!  Now, show me your Ta-Da!”  After that, smiles abound and truthfully, I can’t stop the kids from purposely falling down so that they can do their special ‘Ta-Da.’

So, what is it about trying something new?  Seriously, do you expect to know how to do everything perfectly before you ever try it?  How has that been working for you throughout your life?  My guess is that you don’t ever get to the point of trying.  Instead, you sit there, stuck on the sidelines of life gathering information you’ll never even use because you are too afraid to fail. 

The truth is that we all fail all the time.  How else do we learn?  We have this negative association with the word failure but what if you simply did a ‘Ta-Da?’  What if you did a whole bunch of ‘Ta-Da’s?’

Your Challenge this month

My challenge for you is to fail spectacularly this month!  Yes, that’s right!  I want you try something new and allow yourself to fail spectacularly.  Do a BIG Ta-Da, or a bunch of Ta-Da’s!  Scream it out loud and watch the faces of those around you!  For those of you who e-mail me and tell me about your ‘Ta-Da’ and what you learned from it, you will receive a something special for taking on this challenge.  I can’t tell you what it is….you’ll just have to risk it! 

E-mail me at LMenze@LifeQuestAlliance.com and put ‘Ta-Da’ in the subject line. 

 Deadline is April 30, 2011.

Exciting Changes!

As I personally evolve and grow, so does my business.  After all, this business is an extension of myself so, I wanted to share some changes I’ve made in the services I offer.  The new variety of packages and options were created so that you can choose the coaching experience that is right for you; whether you are an individual seeking personal guidance, a business owner needing a trusted advisor/sounding board, or someone who is focused on boosting employee morale and productivity in a challenging economy, there is something new for you!

  1. The home page of the web site has changed to reflect three major areas of coaching:

–          Personal Life Coaching – For people in transition (career/divorce/retired/wanting big change), there are a variety of coaching packages for anyone ready to commit to action in changing their life!

–          Executive Coaching & Consulting – Offered through  Unified Coaching Concepts, a group of coaches I’ve partnered with to offer executive coaching and consulting to business owners and CEO’s.

–          Happiness at Work™ – An assessment tool offered to individuals, teams, groups, or entire companies to not only assess their level of happiness, which equates to productivity, which equates to the bottom line, but also tools to increase Happiness at Work!

Rather than explaining all of the other changes why don’t you just click on the links and see what’s new!

  1. Personal Life Coaching Packages – Take your pick!
  2. Workshops – What workshops do you want to see at your organization?
  3. Calendar – See upcoming workshops in a calendar layout and add a LifeQuest Alliance workshop to your calendar with just one click!